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We are a youth charity that delivers bespoke, alternative education programmes to support young people who struggle to thrive in mainstream education. Our mission is to help every young person achieve their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Our Programmes

All of our programmes are delivered by well trained, experienced, youth and educational professionals.

Students using our media room

Building Skills


Mondays : All boys (behaviour/ attendance)

Tuesdays: Mixed (therapeutic)

Wednesdays: All girls (behaviour / attendance)

students working at a construction site

Building Futures


Thursdays: Mixed (moving on, motivation, confidence)

Maggies social action project with a group a students from This Life

in-school support for girls

Delivered in school.

Small Group support (4 girls per group)

Full days (one group per lesson)

Just so you know...

Our programmes get booked up very quickly. We generally are commissioned in the summer term prior to programmes starting in the following September.

You can book slots for the whole academic year or complete a Service Level Agreement / 2 year contract

Building Skills KS3 (challenging)

These groups are single gender. They are designed for 8 young people who need support to regulate their behaviour, gain confidence and coping strategies.

Teamwork, team challenges, workshops, cultural visits, mental wellbeing

Building Futures (KS4)

This is a mixed gender group. This programme is designed to develop the soft skills needed for Post 16 plans. Through experiences the group will gain a range of skills as well as attending employer and training provider visits and CV building

Building Skills KS3 (therapeutic)

This group is mixed gender. It is for 8 young people who may be experiencing lack of confidence, self esteem or anxiety. It is a holistic, nurturing programme bespoke to the needs of the group.

ThisLife (girls)

Delivered by an experienced, specialist teacher, small group work can include:

Friendship issues, conflict resolution, managment of emotions, restorative justice, wellbeing, coping strategies. All resources and sessions are tailored to need.

If you’d like more information about our programmes or how to commission us,  get in touch today.


“I like how ThisLife has made me feel, that I can be myself and that’s ok” “I always feel more confident and braver afterwards” “I absolutely love these sessions, I can get all my feelings out and then I feel much calmer” 

Building Skills

"I've learnt loads, I've made new friends and I feel more confident"

Building Futures

"I don't feel hopeless any more. I know what I want to do after I leave school and I know I can do it"

Who has commissioned our services?

We predominantly work in North Tyneside Local Authority. Currently we are  delivering our programmes for all 12 of their secondary schools.

We have delivered bespoke programmes to Moorbridge Pupil Referral Unit.

We have also delivered programmes in Benfield School, Walker Riverside Academy, North Gosforth Academy and Jesmond Park Academy in Newcastle City Local Authority.


Building Programmes

“We've noticed positive changes, in particular in terms of self-confidence and behaviour and learning improvements” Burnside.

“ We are looking to funding joinery placements because the lads had such a great response to your programme, they are buzzing” WBHS.

“ Thank you for the work you are doing with these students, it is always pitched just right for them and that’s wonderful” Churchill Community College.

“Absolutely brilliant! A truly professional team who love working with young people”

John Spence High School.

Praise for

Stronger Together


“Honestly this is the most inspired I have been for ages” (JSHS Deputy Head)

“Great event, the ethos was clear, staff were brilliant supporting our girls in feeling welcome and most importantly, that they deserved to be there” (Moorbridge staff)

The camaraderie was palpable and it really got the girls thinking about the aim of "stronger together” ( and not at each other's throats!) Burnside Deputy Head



"We would recommend Foundation Futures without reservation to any schools looking for creative and innovative solutions to solving issues presenting in young people. Sue built brilliant relationships with our girls and was able to get them to open up and share their feelings with her in a way they might have struggled to do with adults in school. The ThisLife Project allowed the girls to reflect on their own behaviours and the difficulties young women have growing up now. The artwork they produced and presentations were fantastic and blew us away. We can't thank them enough"

Kathryn Williams GSHS.

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