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We always do what we say we will do.

Senior Youth Club summer holiday residential with Thrills and Skills for Life

We are a small but mighty team working in 2 of the most deprived areas of North East England. Our lived experience, passion and our hard won, trusted relationships with the communities we serve, ensure that we deliver what we plan. Our work has deep and meaningful impact.

Our Services

Specialist Youth Provision

Our staff are experienced specialist teachers and youth workers. We support those who find it difficult to engage with other services.

Our Youth Panel help us write our funding applications and the young people are at the heart of every decision we make.

Junior Youth Club

Adult Groups

In response to the families of the children we work with, we began delivering programmes for adults in 2016. We involve our users in decision making and bid writing. Our Community Panel members are invited to all trustee meetings.

Reduce, reuse, repair community group using sewing machines


Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Reaching Communities fund and in response to the worsening "cost of living crisis" we will be able to (from Sep 24) provide support  for families living in the Byker area. Support for whole families will include advocacy with education and services, financial literacy and budgeting, relationships and managing behaviour.

Jamie finishing the great north run and Flying the flag in memory of Mark Patton  and is Joined by Jennie

Here are some of our Youth Panel!

Senior youth club youth panel

Young people are the experts.

We don't pretend to know all the answers, but our Youth Panel helps us understand what they need and want. They are, after all the experts.

Our Youth Panel meets regularly across the year, is invited to trustee meetings and is represented on our Community Panel.

They tell us how it is and are  "not backwards in coming forwards!"

Our Community Panel

Although our staff team have levels of "lived experience", we cannot understand everything our community experiences. Our Community Panel is made up of some really inspiring people who give up their time and share their knowledge to help us set goals, apply for funding and design our programmes. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without them. Here are a few of these Community Heroes.

Badur Foundation

“We have been working together with Foundation Futures since 2019, supporting the team to pilot new provision as well to meet heightened service demand. During this time we have seen the team successfully overcome hurdles and grow their offer, whilst always continuing to push for positive change for those they support.” Amy

LGA Foundation

"Working with Foundation Futures is straightforward and rewarding. They have strong relationships with their beneficiaries who are involved in the planning of all projects which are well run with clear outcomes. The organisation is entirely honest about what they can deliver and the impact their projects achieve are both deep and wide ranging." 
After hearing about the fantastic work Foundation Futures was doing, we were delighted to be able to fund the activities that genuinely make a difference to the local community. Worth visiting the team to see for yourself the passion and determination they have to deliver their sessions, engaging their beneficiaries in a way that is more like a family, involving everyone in the planning of all projects with clear outcomes

Our Impact

How do you measure what human connection means?

Much of what we do is impossible to measure by numbers.

We use Social Return on Investment tools which help us measure our impact, however we think what our users say is more important.

At the beginning and end (and often lots of time between) we ask our users for are some of their answers

"It's the everyday magic of human connection" 

What does Foundation Futures mean to you?

  • My reason to leave a house once a week

  • My only connection with other people

  • A sense of belonging

  • A growing sense of confidence

  • A network of new friends

  • A warm place

  • A welcome

  • A hot meal

  • Financial advice and support.

  • The only people I ever see

  • The only place people understand me

  • The only place you ever get praise.

  • The beginning of a different, more positive life.

  • New skills

  • Helps me stay out of trouble

  • A lifeline

  • The courage to make a change.

  • Acceptance

  • Joy

  • Fun 

  • Belonging

  • A place where I can be accepted for who I am

  • Laughter

  • You remind me that I matter.

Our Current Funders

Working With the Best

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