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Business and CSR

We've been supported by some incredible local businesses for many years.

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We can help you, help your communities in REAL, IMPACTFUL ways.

Investing in our Future Workforce

  • The right attitude is hard to teach in a classroom.

We all know that qualifications are important, our education system aims to provide young people with those.......but learning about the sort of attitude you need to be a trusted and valued employee, needs a different approach. This is where you can help.

Our Alternative Education Programmes are all about developing the RIGHT ATTITUDE and the soft skills employers need
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‘We have enjoyed supporting Foundation Futures for over six years now. Our involvement has been through site visits for the young people as well as assistance in refurbishing and maintaining their premises. This has given us immense satisfaction and an opportunity to see how valuable the work they do is and how much it is needed.

The Foundation Futures very gifted team have been hugely successful with their educational methods and continue to be a force for change in the alternative education of our young people.

We see our involvement continuing in whatever guise they need.

I hope more Northeast businesses will recognise the importance of the charity’s work and will get involved in some capacity to support the misunderstood young people of this region.’

Steve McClusky.

Trinity Engineering.

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