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Our education programmes and what to expect.

We are a youth charity that delivers bespoke, alternative education programmes to support young people who struggle to thrive in mainstream education. We help every young person we work with achieve their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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We care about what you think too.

We welcome feedback and want you to feel happy that your child is feeling positive and making progress.

Your school should pass on our information before your child starts with us.

We will call you and answer any questions you might have.

We text you the night before to let you know when your child will be picked up in our minibus from your house (first pick up 9.30am). 

We will bring them home at the end of the day (about 3.30pm)

How it works

Your school will have identified your child as someone who would benefit from these programmes. Your child would attend one of our programmes for one day per week for a minimum of 12 weeks. All transport to and from home via minibus, all activities, resources and food are included free of charge.

Our team are trained education professionals, we team- teach and each group has the same 2 members of staff at all times. We know that relationships are important and it takes time to build trust with a young person and having consistent staff is essential.

Groups of young people are carefully identified, managed and supported by experienced staff. Nobody is forced to take part in activities they do not feel comfortable about. These programmes are about increasing confidence and self esteem, providing tools and strategies young people can use in school to achieve their best.


At the end of each day you will receive a call (or text if you prefer) about how your child got on that day. We love providing you with positive stories. If there are any concerns or incidents we will inform you as soon as possible (immediately if serious), we also report any concerns to the school by the end of the school day.


Building Skills

For young people

in Year 7 / 8/ 9

Designed to support confidence, skill development and wellbeing


Building Futures

For Young people

in Year 9/ 10/11

Designed to support confidence, wellbeing and to build skills and plans for Post 16

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" I love talking in the group. I can really get stuff off my chest. It helps me be calm and make sense of things" Macey.

ThisLife is a programme which is delivered in school. Groups of 4 girls take part in discussions and activities designed to address issues they identify. These can be anything from friendships to body positivity to stress and anger management. All resources, activities and discussion are tailore made to fit the groups.

“I have really noticed a change in (my child) since he has been on the programme”

“(My child) really enjoys coming to work with you”

“He has really enjoyed coming every week, the routine has been great for him”

“I just need someone to explain things to and I know you guys will listen”

"I am so proud of him too. Thanks so much again for helping him, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart x"

Parents feedback on Building  Skills Programmes

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