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Foundation Futures is 10 years old!

As our organisation is 10 years old this year we are planning 10 celebrations with 10 of the groups we support.

 We would like to celebrate the Generosity of the Geordie Spirit by involving more people in the important work we do.

Please Join Us!

The 10 for 10 campaign

Day Dream Believers

Foundation Futures was a dream of 2 specialist teachers who became disillusioned with the education system and their inability to deliver what they knew was needed. Chris Henwood and Sue Davison felt too many young poeple were leaving school with few or no qualifications and very low self esteem. Foundation Futures was set up to change a corner of the North East and the lives of some young people. 

Our story has been a marathon not a sprint and has often felt like a crazy rollercoaster and many steep learning curves. Fuelled with passion and the recruitment of an incredible team and supporters, Foundation Futures has made and a difference to many lives.

Our Ten for Ten Campaign.

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