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Business and CSR

We've been supported by some incredible local businesses for many years.

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Business Partners

At Foundation Futures, we understand that many in the business community would love to meaningfully engage with their local community. The North East  is known for having a strong sense of community, a solid social conscience, for being friendly and supportive. We are rightly proud of our region. Local businesses share these qualities and pride, however sometimes it's difficult to find ways to "give back" or fulfill your corporate social respsonsibilities.

Foundation Futures can make this easy for you, so please get involved!

Do something remarkable

We have been working with North East businesses for 10 years. We make it our business to make it easy for your business to make a difference!  We guarantee you and your staff will gain huge satisfaction from being one of our partners.

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Choose us for your Charity of The Year

A group of young people on the project Greener Byker


A worker at Castle Scaffold

Provide an experience

Unlike large or national charities, we can let you know exactly where your donations have made a difference. We share stories, films, testimonials and photos of the things your donations make possible.

We deliver community programmes for children and young people aged 5-18.

There are opportunities to volunteer with our

Youth Groups

Holiday Clubs

Social Action Projects

Adult Wellbeing Groups

Our  alternative education programmes support young people who struggle to thrive in our education system. We are looking for businesses to help us develop their soft skills, give them reasons to learn, aspirations to aim for and experiences to shape successful future employees.

What our Business Partners say

"Foundation Futures is awesome. The all female team that run it are robust, reliable, kind, caring and fun. They care passionately about what they do and make a real and significant difference to young people’s lives - North of the Tyne

Chris Hall TASFL

We thoroughly enjoy working with  Foundation Futures

Michelle Warren

Warren Access.

“ We find working with Foundation Futures inspirational not just as a business but also at a personal level. Where we can we help the young people understand how important they are, not just for their future but the future of younger generations also. Seeing them achieve personal goals and helping them accomplish them is something we have always aspired to do. We have a good relationship with Foundation Futures team and hope to continue this long into the future, giving the youth of today and tomorrow a chance to shine”

Michael Allen

WAHSafety Solutions

‘We have enjoyed supporting Foundation Futures for over six years now. Our involvement has been through site visits for the young people as well as assistance in refurbishing and maintaining their premises. This has given us immense satisfaction and an opportunity to see how valuable the work they do is and how much it is needed.

We see our involvement continuing in whatever guise they need.

I hope more Northeast businesses will recognise the importance of the charity’s work and will get involved in some capacity to support the misunderstood young people of this region.’

Steve McClusky

Trinity Engineering.

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trinity engineering
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