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What will happen to my donation?

Because we are a small charity we know where every penny goes (well Tracy does). We guarantee that your donation will not go towards a fat salary! Every penny you donate will directly support a person in need.  If you want, we can even tell you which group your £10 has helped.

What can my £10 do?

Youth Work - Children and Young People aged 5-19

£10 pays for one child per week to attend a youth  club, be safely transported and to be fed a hot meal. It pays for participation in creative activities, building lasting friendships and having access to trusted, kind adults who are sometimes their only champion. £10 helps a child  belong.

Adults and the wider families.

£10 pays for one adult to attend a weekly wellbeing programme. They belong to a welcoming, non-judgemental group which supports each other. Often the only time they leave their homes, the safe place and safe faces are warm and kind. They often eat, create and share problems, worries and good news. £10 provides networks and a sense of  belonging. £10 can be a lifeline.

£10 pays for a trip out for a young person or adult who rarely leaves the streets where they live. Visiting green spaces and the coast have a transformative effect on wellbeing.


£10 can pay for an activity such as working with animals, creating artwork, learning to fix bikes, gardening, bowling, ice-skating, climbing, cooking, visiting museums, cafes, local landmarks, making music, all of which are otherwise  inaccessible due to lack of support, confidence or funds.

Please donate below 

It's ok to not be ok

You can also support us by purchasing one of our mental health hoodies or jumpers. All funds raised go directly to supporting young people who are struggling with their mental health.

As an organisation we have seen a massive increase in young people with poor mental health and the effects it has on them and their families.  We have been raising money to support our projects around mental health and our clothing range is our next step in providing the much needed support. Our jumpers and hoodies are printed with the phrase "It's ok to not be ok" to help battle the stigmas around speaking out and spreading positivity to the wearer and the people they meet.  This message is very personal to us as an organisation and is in memory of our past student Mark Patton who sadly took his Life in 2021 at the age of 18.

All proceeds go back into supporting our young people.

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